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How to Stand Out in a Crowded Employment Market

These Jobs 24 July, 2020

After nearly four solid months of declining job losses, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Many states are finally beginning to re-open businesses and that means that a serious hiring frenzy is set to begin. While that is good news for the more than 40 million people who have lost jobs since March when schools and businesses across the country began shutting doors and millions of people were either laid off work or transitioned to working from home.

While the pandemic continues to rage on our shores, with a seeming second-wind, many businesses have made the decision that life must go on. As a result, they are sanitizing, rearranging office spaces, and preparing employees to return to business as usual. That is good news for those who have been unemployed. However, because there are so many now competing for fewer jobs, it is more important than ever to stand out in a crowded field. Here is what you need to do.

Manage your social media.

Clean up your profiles and feeds and adopt a more forward-thinking and professional image. People often overlook the importance of social media at their peril when applying for professional positions.

Draft a resume for every job.

You want to customize your resume to fit every job you seek at a time like this. With some 40 million people looking for jobs, competition is fiercer than ever before. The right keywords, for instance, are essential for simply getting your resume into human hands.

Practice interviewing like there’s no tomorrow.

Whether you will be conducting in-person interviews wearing masks or online interviews, you need to be comfortable with the mask or with the technology necessary to make the interview happen. Practice. Practice. Practice. Not just answering the questions. But with other aspects of the interview as well.

Doing these things may not land you the job of your dreams, but they can certainly help you land a job for the moment.